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JVC Bloggers Fair

The Journal of Victorian Culture Online website is staging a Bloggers Fair this month. Each day a new blog is featured; the author reflects on its content and discusses their motive(s) for writing.  So far, Rohan Maitzen’s Novel Readings and Mark Blacklock’s The Fairyland of Geometry have enjoyed the spotlight, as has Looking Glasses At Odd Corners.

[NB: The blog has since undergone a facelift — the old interface is pictured here.]

A feature on this blog was used to ‘launch’ the Bloggers Fair and very soon my article on early career Victorianists and social media will be published (and made open access). This article will, I hope, help to contextualise JVC‘s Bloggers Fair by exploring the processes, purposes and motives at work in the Victorian (and neo-Victorian) blogosphere.

1. Looking Glasses At Odd Corners by Amber Regis

Life-writing and life narrative across media and genres.

2. The Fairyland of Geometry by Mark Blacklock

Nineteenth-century engagements with ‘higher dimensional’ space.

3. Novel Readings by Rohan Maitzen

Reflections on reading, research and teaching.

4. Art and Perfume by Christina Bradstreet

Smell in nineteenth-century art and culture.

5. A Special Mention by Gaby Malcolm

Reflections on research, with particular reference to Mary Braddon.

6. The Old Curiosity Shop by Jolette Roodt

Links to Victorian-related websites and posts that focus on new books about the period.

7. Research Blog and Teaching Blog by Charlotte Mathieson

Reflections, reviews and discussions of nineteenth-century literature and contemporary resonances.

8. Neo-Victorian Thoughts by Louisa Yates

Reflections on how the Victorians and Victoriana reveal themselves in contemporary culture.

9. Girls’ Literature and Culture by Michelle Smith

Reflections on how girls are situated in nineteenth-century and contemporary popular culture.

10. Scotland’s History Uncovered by Lynne Wilson

Scottish social history, with particular reference to the Victorian period.

11. North East Nineteenth Century by the North East Postgraduate Research Group for the Long Nineteenth Century

Community blog run by postgraduates at the Universities of Newcastle, Northumbria and Durham. Events, calls for papers, discussion and information about group members.

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